Prosper Global is a money coaching business that takes a holistic approach to financial wellness, bringing together the practical side of money literacy with the positive effects of transformative practices. All too often, people are held back by their own fears and regrets when it comes to money; or, lack confidence when it comes to financial decision-making. We work with clients to help them make mental shifts and behavioral changes that lead to financial wholeness.

Our goal is to educate on money literacy for empowerment, self-confidence and independence; creating a ripple effect for generations to come. The core of our practice focuses on increasing income, healthy budgeting, debt reduction, and building your emergency savings while incorporating aspects of mindfulness through meditation and self-reflection, conscious spending, and positive affirmations.


Prosper Global is on a mission to improve lives, extending that passion for service in our commitment to donate a portion of our proceeds to charities focused on empowering women and educating our communities.

Jenn Jaime

Jennifer "Jenn" Jaime is the owner of Prosper Global.  She is Certified Public Account (CPA) licensed by the State of Texas and a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach. 

She became interested in money coaching as a result of her own journey. Jenn's goal is to help others dream the life they desire, create a money plan around that dream, and develop the tools to live the life they always imagined. Dream, Plan, Live!

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